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    Founded in 2004, Clark Logistic Services (CLS) is a single-source, full-service logistics provider that delivers clients the highest quality solutions, above and beyond expectations.

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    More Than Just a 3PL With Value Added Services

    value addded services 3PL

    Value added services are turnkey and add flexibility


    What are value added services? We like to think of them as the cherry on top of a sundae, or that little extra that makes something exponentially better. Today though, value added services are becoming not just an extra, but more of a necessity.

    Why have value added services, become so essential? It all comes down to consumer demand and habits. As you know, we live in a 24 hour, seven day a week world. Customers can shop from anywhere, at any time. To compensate, retailers are offering products with even quicker turnaround times with customized products.

    And who do you assume takes on this challenge? That’s right, your 3PL! We are on the front line finding solutions through value added services that make sense for retailers. That means we design solutions around any new demand.

    At Clark Logistic Services, we offer a full range of value added services. Of those services, there are a few I want to call out that could potentially be a turnkey solution for your retailer. Think about these as a possibility for your supply chain.

    Kitting: This is just another term for taking separate, related items and packaging them into one unit. That “kit” is assembled and then sent out. A good example of kitting, would be packaging together a new computer and all of the cord and extra software that comes with it. Kitting can save on shipping costs, fulfillment time, and can also be expedited.

    Store Ready Packaging: Depending on the product, you may need store ready packaging on a short turnaround time. Your 3Pl should offer a value added service for labeling, personalization and packaging that can be set to any specification.

    Blister Packs: Any 3PL should have the ability to create any type of packaging, including blister packs. These are the same type of packs that hold contacts or pharmaceuticals.

    Product Destruction: In some industries, you need a 3PL to destroy salvage products and ensure that is done right. Your 3PL will not only help you move items back up the supply chain with reverse logistics, but it will also destroy them.

    At Clark Logistic Services, we offer a wide variety of value added services that are always expanding. Stay in the know with our newsletter – It is free, easy and we will keep you updated with latest trends in the 3PL industry.

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