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Contract Warehousing

Clark Logistic Services offers contract warehousing services in centrally-located St. Louis. They give you the flexibility of using a third-party logistics provider while also offering cost savings over short-term outsourced warehousing solutions.

CLS Contract Warehousing

Our public warehousing services offer a broad range of services. We don’t just offer storage space — we offer solutions to your storage problems. Clark’s contract customers turn to our modern facilities and our experienced team of logistics experts to design ways to streamline their supply chains.

At its core, contract warehousing is about giving you your own warehouse space, just like the way that your leased office machines or leased retail space is yours. You can use CLS contract space for just about any part of your supply chain. Some of our clients outsource their entire distribution operation to us. Others set up a forward center in St. Louis while others use our space to provide flexibility for production. We offer the space, the configuration and the staff to do what you need. What makes contract warehousing unique relative to traditional public warehousing is that it has a minimum one-year requirement. Unlike public warehouses where you pay for what you use, signing a contract locks in a package of space and service so that it will be available when you need it, no matter what happens in the surrounding warehouse. Furthermore, since you’ve committed to use the space, we are able to offer a much lower cost than we would require for an uncommitted public warehouse. Given the long-term nature of the commitment, we can also offer different fee structures and even offer build-to-suit options.

Contract Warehousing in St. Louis

A contract warehouse is ultimately only as good as its location. Our facilities located in St. Louis enjoy what could be the country’s best location for logistics. Here’s why:

  • As one of the country’s logistics centers, St. Louis enjoys a large and highly skilled logistics workforce with some of the lowest labor costs in the country.
  • St. Louis is one of the most connected cities in the world. We offer a year-round river port on the Mississippi, extensive air cargo services, one of the nation’s most robust rail infrastructure and a location at the intersection of two major interstate highways — I-70 and I-55 — as well as access to regional interstate routes like I-44.
  • A business-friendly regulatory and tax climate.
  • Access to a foreign trade zone, if needed, for expedited customs clearance and for managing timing, quotas and duty payment obligations.

To learn more about Clark Logistics Services’ St. Louis contract warehousing options, fill out the form on this page. We look forward to helping solve your company’s logistics challenges.

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