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Public Warehousing

Clark Logistic Services’ public warehousing in St. Louis offers two benefits to make supply chains both more operationally efficient and more cost-efficient. By flexibility with centrality, this service gives companies the ability to rapidly expand and contract their logistic capabilities

Understanding Public Warehousing

Public warehousing is one of the most flexible third party logistics service. A public warehouse is one that accepts shipments and performs services for clients on an as-needed basis. As an example, a user could store 7,500 pallets one week and 10 pallets the next. The billing would be directly tied to the quantity of space and other services consumed, so the user would not have to pay for the vacated 7,410 pallet spaces.

This flexibility makes public warehousing especially cost-effective for companies that have varying warehousing needs. In addition, some public warehousing services are part of a larger 3PL operation. Those facilities — like Clark’s — can go well beyond just accepting deliveries, storing them and loading them on outbound transportation carriers. Additional 3PL services like access to advanced software, supply chain consulting, crossdocking and transloading and other value added services can all be added on to a public warehousing relationship, enabling companies access to a wide range of logistics assistance, all on an as-needed basis.

Public Warehousing in St. Louis

The promise of convenience inherent in public warehousing only holds when the facility is well-located. Of all of America’s logistics hubs, it can be argued that St. Louis enjoys the best location of any major hub. Its location slightly east of the center of the continental United States means that the vast majority of the nation’s population is within a day or two’s drive. The rest — those on the west coast — are still much closer than they would be with an eastern seaboard location.

To facilitate greater efficiency in shipping, St. Louis also offers one of the country’s best transportation networks. In addition to access to multiple rail lines, St. Louis also sits at the intersection of two major interstate highways — I-55 and I-70 — and of multiple regional interstate freeways, as well. The city also enjoys extensive air freight service as well as a year-round Mississippi river port that provides 12 months of access to the Gulf of Mexico as well as seasonal access to the Great Lakes.

In addition to its location and transportation infrastructure, St. Louis also offers one of the nation’s best logistics work forces. Combining high levels of skill with relatively low cost, public warehousing in St. Louis allows companies to tap into these high quality and low cost supply chain professionals.

Clark’s state-of-the-art facilities have space available to serve your supply chain needs. Please complete the form on this page to learn more about working with us for public warehousing in St. Louis.

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