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Transportation Management

One of the core functions of a logistics team is to manage getting freight from one place to the other. When a company has a complicated supply chain with multiple vendors providing items from multiple locations that then need to be shipped out to multiple places, having someone in the middle to manage the transportation can ultimately lead to faster deliveries and more efficient utilization of transportation resources for lower cost. Clark Logistic Services in St. Louis not only offers these services, but does it from America’s most centrally-located logistics hub city.

Transportation management is the practice of overseeing the part of a company’s supply chain that is in motion. While warehousing handles the storage of goods, transportation experts are responsible for getting them in and out of the warehouse. Given that many companies have complicated transportation needs that don’t always fit a set and predictable schedule, finding not only the right transportation method but also one that is available at the time that it is needed can be extremely challenging.

At the most basic level, transportation managers find services to move goods. This includes finding flatbed and enclosed trucks for full shipments as well as arranging LTL shipments or consolidating with other shipments for smaller loads. The management process goes beyond this, though. As with other parts of the supply chain, transportation managers look to optimize efficiency. This can include negotiating with suppliers to manage fuel costs as well as strategically designing routes to minimize both shipping times and the total number of miles driven.

As a part of their field, transportation managers also work with other parts of a logistic team. Many will work with the people that handle the cargo, ensuring that incoming and outgoing shipments have adequate staffing for loading and unloading. They can be involved in tracking and even selecting warehouses for maximum efficiency. This is one of the reasons that transportation management in St. Louis is such a popular logistics destination. With a central location and some of the country’s best road, rail, air and inland water shipping services, transportation in and out is both less expensive and faster than just about anywhere else.

Transportation management is about getting a company’s shipments from place to place with as little cost and time as possible. Given that transportation is the glue that links a supply chain together, optimizing it in the context of a company’s larger logistics system is important. Clark Logistics Service offers a  broad portfolio of supply chain services, including transportation management. Fill out the form on this page to learn more about how Clark Logistics can help to streamline your company’s transportation network.

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