How to Choose a 3PL Transportation Management Solution

The right fit will offer flexibility, cost savings and streamlined processes

You’ve probably been thinking about outsourcing your 3PL transportation management for years. But, what is the hold up? You know it will save you money…except there is that one thing that keeps you from moving forward. So, why are you waiting?

The answer is fear. Fear of a failed partnership. Fear of mistakes. And fear that your 3PL transportation management solution will disrupt your supply chain and reduce your current flexibility.

With that being said, fear is an emotion, not usually based on fact. To make your decision, you need to know more about your partner, so that you make the right decision and remove that barrier to innovation.

To help, Clark Logistics Services has put together a checklist of items to look for in a 3PL transportation management solution.

Know your needs: No one knows your needs better than you. Before you begin speaking with a potential 3PL partner, outline what services you need, and what you expect to need in the future. We also suggest outlining your strengths and weakness to see where your new 3PL can better manage your supply chain, and vise versa.

Define the scope: Set expectations and define the scoop of work. Most failed 3PL transportation management partnerships do so in planning. At times you may be speaking semantics, but those differing definitions can leave you miles apart in the end. Make sure you agree, or come to an agreement, on every detail of the services/

Set benchmarks for success: What is success? Set benchmarks that define success. This allows you to ensure you made the right decision, and be able to prove it to your boss. We suggest focusing on the benchmarks most important to your success. That will ensure that you are holding your 3PL accountable.

Get buy-in: Don’t go into this partnership alone. Hiring a 3PL transportation management solution is a major commitment. You should take your due diligence and ask people around your company what they think. You will surely get some helpful feedback that will help in your search process, and final selection.

Keep in-mind, a 3PL transportation management partner also has a vested interest in this working out. If there is one hurdle to overcome it is fear to act. Don’t let this year be just another overdue chance to propel your business to the next level.

Take the first steps to success, contact a member of the Clark Logistic Services team today with any questions. We would be more than happy to reach out to you.

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