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& Distribution

Our flexible warehousing & distribution services are focused on delivering a complete turn-key solution for you B2B or B2C fulfillment needs. No matter your specific needs & challenges, we’ll work with you to find the right fit with our services.

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We value the crucial part of getting your products into the hands of the customer. CLS offers a complete array of outsourced order fulfillment services, integrated into our distribution and warehouse management system.

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Transportation is about more than just delivering a product to its destination. It’s about designing flexible transportation solutions to help you increase efficiency, improve visibility, and control costs all while meeting consumer needs.

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From kitting to pick & pack, we offer a broad spectrum of secondary packaging capabilities. We serve a nation-wide base of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, whose customers, in turn, cover all areas of the B2B & B2C consumer space.

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