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The “Last Mile” is the Longest in Logistic Services

Delivering to the final destination increases the cost and complexity

You’re on the homestretch…just bit a further. Right?

To most, the homestretch is the final leg, just before the finish. In fact, the saying comes from racing when the lead car takes the final turn on the last lap…hence a literal “homestretch” to the checkered flag.

When it comes to logistic services, the homestretch is often the longest potion of the ride – accounting for a majority of the cost and complexity. Just think about it. When an item is shipped, it usually leaves from one universal location…with a single destination hundreds of miles away! That means the single unit will most likely switch hands many times over that distance.

As you can imagine, this is becoming a point of difficulty for retailers. They are under increased pressure to compete in an ever changing online environment, and the logistics needed to back it up. Consumers are looking for the lowest price, with the fastest delivery. And the retailer that can do both will get the business.

For retailers, their supply chain is their “make it or break it.” To accommodate the price and time factors, their supply chain and logistic services MUST be able to compensate. That means overcoming the longest mile, and international bottlenecks.

As you know, international shipping, especially from Asia, has exploded. A vast amount of products come through US ports. With that being said, periods of vast volume will lead to delivery delays at the port. When this happens, there is not always much you as a retailer can do. You are stuck.

So, how do you compensate? The answer is easy, it’s having the assets to move the products quickly and efficiently afterwards. By assets we mean trucks, people, technology, and warehousing space.

There is only a portion of your supply chain you can truly control. In most cases it’s those last, most difficult miles. Companies that use a 3PL know that we have the flexibility and control to move items from point A to point B.

If you are considering outsourcing to a 3PL, it could be the decision that sets you apart from the competition. Besides from our assets, we have the means and knowledge to always give you options to meet your price and time demands.

Have any questions on our process? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

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