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Warehousing in St. Louis: What Do Customers Really Care About?

We can’t speak for everyone, but this is what our customers tell us.

Much of what goes into a warehousing facility doesn’t really matter to customers. Whether a warehouse uses RFID or barcodes, has a 24 or 44 foot clear height or has 18 or 38 dock-high doors is immaterial. All of those features exist to achieve what really matters to customers: results. Our warehousing in St. Louis isn’t just an advanced facility with the latest in warehouse technology and a highly optimized design. It also achieves the specific results that can drive your business forward.

Customer Need: On-Time Shipments
Warehousing in St. Louis offers excellent on-time shipment performance. This comes from St. Louis’ robust and multilayered transportation network. When you warehouse in St. Louis, you tap into one of the most resilient transportation systems in the world. St. Louis enjoys access to multiple Interstate highways, including major routes like I-55 and I-70. It has a port on the Mississippi River and extensive rail connections. St. Louis’s long aviation history also leaves it with extensive air connections. All of these transportation options also benefit from the relatively temperate climate in St. Louis that leaves roads open year-round.

Customer Need: Dock-to-Stock Cycle Time
Many factors come into play in reducing the time that it takes to turn an incoming shipment into sale-ready merchandise. In addition to having a well-trained staff and an efficient warehouse design to facilitate the rapid movement of goods, advanced technology plays a major part in the process. Our warehousing in St. Louis offers a full suite of automation solutions. This lets us log deliveries, determine where they should go, stock them and get them entered into an inventory tracking system hours faster than other facilities. Ultimately, this translates to faster availability of your stock.

Customer Need: Order Picking Accuracy
A warehouse’s ability to accurately pick orders is directly related to the qualify of its staff. For facilities located in smaller areas with limited labor pools, it can be hard to find staff that can work quickly, accurately and affordably. Our warehousing in St. Louis gives us access to a 2.9 million person metropolitan area from which we can select the best employees. At the same time, our low cost of living allows us to find quality workers at highly competitive prices, giving you both low cost and high quality service.

Customer Need: Total Cycle Time
Turning an incoming bulk shipment into a delivered, fulfilled order in a customer’s hands requires precision and speed throughout the process. Another factor that helps is a location that reduces shipping times. Our warehousing in St. Louis doesn’t just have access to an excellent transportation network — it also sits in a geographically strategic location.

Based on 2010 census data, St. Louis is just 170 miles from the population center of the United States in Plato, MO. It is so centrally located that the entire Midwest, South, and Eastern seaboard other than Maine and northern New Hampshire is within a 1,500 mile two-day driving radius. This enables more shipments to more people at lower cost.

Sound about right? Let us know what you think!

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