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Customer Satisfaction is Key to Modern 3PL Reverse Logistics

Are your 3PL reverse logistics ready for the holidays?


The door busters are gone. Store shelves have been picked clean. If that sounds like Black Friday, you’re right! This year 247 million shoppers converged on stores for those amazing sales, spending more than $59 billion over a matter of 72 hours!

For many retailers, Black Friday is an opportunity to gain some momentum going into the holiday season. It is important to create demand and get consumers buying.  Getting ready for this weekend is a huge undertaking, with millions of units moved from into distribution centers as early as August.

But now that the rush has subsided, isn’t it time to relax? Wrong! If anything, now is the time to focus on items coming back up the supply chain – reverse logistics.

If you ask a retailer, or a consumer, about reverse logistics they’ll probably have one word to describe the process…frustrating. Retailers are frustrated because they have worked so hard to get a piece of merchandise into the hands of the customer, and now here it is again. In fact, the consumer electronics industry loses about $10 billion annually from poor 3PL reverse logistics. Customers are often frustrated because items are slow to be received when returned by freight.

So, what should you do as a retailer or manufacturer? Well, if you have a problem, you need help. It is ok to admit you have an issue. When you work with a 3PL, you will quickly learn that they are there to relieve a pain point, not seize control of an entire procedure.

In the case of reverse logistics, a 3PL will be able to help diagnose and remedy the inefficiencies in your supply chain – which is good for the customer, and in the end, good for you.

More and more companies are acknowledging they have an issue with their reverse logistics. Acting on that problem is your opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition and take care of your customers. At Clark Logistic Services, we know that asking for help is half of the battle. It actually takes a certain amount of confidence and resolve to seek a solution.

If you feel that your 3PL reverse logistics aren’t carrying their weight, drop us a line. We would like to talk with you about your reverse logistics, and how we can improve your process!

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