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Public Warehousing and the Supply Chain Metrics

As public warehousing changes, so does the technology


Whether you know it or not, you need public warehousing. Without it, you are wasting time, money and resources. But, why public warehousing? Isn’t it just space for rent?

Today public warehousing from a 3PL provider is not just about storing something on a shelf, it is about innovation, cost savings and integration. As you witness every day, your business is under constant strain to do more with less…while doing it better than everyone else. You may not consider that the many venders/partners you utilize are also in the same position. They are tasked with meeting your needs to keep your business, and to stay sustainable in their own industry.

This is no different with a 3PL. We know that we must do more for you, with less time and money. Yes, we help with value added services like packaging, but we also track supply chain metrics to make us more than a warehouse.

Here’s how that works. In the past five years, not much has changed in the warehousing industry. The locations are the same, the people are the same, the space is the same – the only difference is the technology.

It is with this technology that 3PL public warehousing providers transform themselves into flow centers or cross docking operations. Simply said, warehouses are no longer just for holding – they are for moving product!

If your 3PL provider is committed to warehousing analytics, they will focus on three specific areas to ensure you are getting more for your money. They are:

Human Resources: To give the customer “more for less,” 3PL warehousing providers need measurement tools to assess each employee’s work output and growth within the company. This will allow them to set goals for the employee and foster an environment where innovation is encouraged.

Product Management: Unless you know exactly where each item is at any given time, it is impossible to react. As a 3PL customer you should have the ability to know when and where, items are within the supply chain.

Performance: How do you discover best practices? Well, by tracking what works best. A 3PL who keeps metrics can compare procedures and become more efficient. By doing so they will deliver more quickly and at a reduced cost.

Now do you see why you need public warehousing and a provider who tracks their work with analytics? If you want to learn more about 3PL analytics, sign up for our monthly newsletter. We will be sharing important information that you don’t want to miss out on.

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