How to Manage Your 3PL

Tips to managing the relationship with your 3PL

To run a successful business, you need to be able to reach a crowd, and this crowd will not always be in the same location. In fact, being able to spread your product across multiple borders is a key aspect in ensuring that it remains a fruitful venture. Once you’ve established a business model, implementing it can be daunting task at best, and detrimental to its success at worst. But it doesn’t have to be difficult to maintain a successful business when you have experts working with you. At CLS, we are a 3PL and we specialize in handling the brunt of the work so that you can focus on what matters most: growing a successful business.

  • Product advertisement and display: If you want your product to get noticed, then proper display and packaging is important – almost as important as having the product on the shelf at all. By hiring a third-party logistics specialist, you can ensure that your product remains at the attention of the consumer. Not only will a 3PL specialist see that shelves remain stocked, but will also offer assistance in advertising, labeling, and displaying your product to best capture the attention of those most likely to use it.
  • Warehouse storage: Maintaining your own warehousing space can get costly, especially when your need for space fluctuates. But through a qualified 3PL team, you can store all of your products in easy-to-access locations for minimal cost. See for yourself how much easier it is to store your items under contract in a warehouse, instead of going at it alone.
  • Transportation and distribution: Nothing is worst for your business than attempting to sell a product that can’t make it to its destination. But coordinating transportation can be a difficult endeavor, especially when the product has to reach multiple destinations daily or weekly. Through qualified 3PL companies, your product can reach its destination – or multiple destinations – in a timely and cost-efficient manner, without requiring any extra planning on your part.
  • Reverse logistics: In a perfect world, consumers would purchase a product and the transaction would end there, but that’s just not reality. When returns are to be made, streamlining the process is an important part of customer satisfaction. By hiring a 3PL team, you can rest assured that your product will not only make it in into the hands of willing consumers, but will find its way back (as will money exchanged) if need be.

Third-party logistics companies offer so much more than the services they provide. They are professionally trained to handle all of the more delicate intricacies of running a business because they understand the importance of seamless implementation. Best of all, they can do so with little to no effort on the part of the business owner. So, to answer the big question of how you are to manage your 3PL, the simple answer is that, with the right company, you don’t have to. Let us handle your logistics because, as a business owner, you have enough to worry about.

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