Value Added Logistics: Why You Should Outsource Display Assembly

Value Added Logistics Are The “Extras” From Your 3PL

Using a 3PL is your way to save money and time by leveraging the assets of your partner company. Usually warehousing and transportation come to mind…but the services offered are so much more! There are value added logistics, which are turn key with your already determined services.

Need to know more? Of course! Display advertising assembly is a game changer for most 3PL clients. Just ask yourself, are you taking full advantage of your 3PL?

Value Add Logistics Is More Than Transportation

Value added logistics is about more that getting your product from Point A to Point B. It is about setting your business up for success. When you use a logistics company that looks at the entire picture and not just a single piece of the equation, your business saves time and money.

Yes, you need a logistics company that knows transportation like the back of their hand. You want one that can load and unload your product, quickly and efficiently to reduce handling and operating costs. You want them to use the most efficient spaces and vehicles. You want a logistics company that can store your goods when they need to be stored. You want one that can navigate the foreign trade zone so your products are not held up by customs for long periods of time. And, you want a logistics company who can handle return logistics when your business needs to bring a product back home.

Display Assembly Is The Value Added Logistics Game Changer

But the game changer – the value added logistics that sets your business apart – is expert display assembly. While you could count on whomever is receiving your product to assemble your displays correctly, chances are pretty good they are going to mess it up.

Why? Because display assembly is not what they do. It is not the area in which they are an expert. But, when you outsource your display assembly to a logistics company that offers value added logistics, you ensure your displays are put up correctly – every time. You ensure someone who can read and understand your display plans is doing so.

Why? Because when the entire process is handled by the same company, nothing slips through the cracks. No steps are missed. And, with Clark Logistics Service, you are guaranteed that your display is correct, within budget and on time. Because we’re already have the transportation and shipping capabilities, we can move your displays as we move your product.

What does this mean? It means your product sits less. You sell more. And, you sell it more quickly. The longer your product sits, the less profit you make. By utilizing value added logistics, such as display assembly, you increase your bottom line.

In addition to display assembly, Clark Logistics Services offers a variety of value-added services including:

Blister Packs
Store-Ready Packing
Product Destruction

Have any questions? You’re in the right place. Just drop us a line and we’d be more than happy to talk about value added logistics or display advertising assembly.

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