4 Reasons You Need Product Packing Solutions

Every product utilizes packing solutions for a reason

Walk into any retail store. What do you see? Most would say the obvious…product! That can be pens, food, sunscreen or a number of other things. But, while all of these items are different, there is one thing they have in common. They all utilize product packing solutions!

But who does the packing? Sure some of the manufacturers do their own product packing solutions, but that is not always the case. By outsourcing to a third party logistics provider, like Clark Logistic Services, a company can save money and resources. There is no need to invest in labor, warehousing space or equipment – they are all handled, and price controlled, in a single payment.

So, now that you know ‘who’ does product packing solutions…the next question is ‘why’ you need them. Yes, it saves money, but why are you spending the money in the first place? To help answer that question, we have put together the five reasons why you need product packing solutions:

First, you need product packing solutions to protect your merchandise from damage or contamination. This can be caused by chemical toxins, and microorganisms among others. Depending on the nature of your product, the packing is the first and only line of defense.

And when your product get jostled and smashed during delivery or stocking, your packing solutions need to have the ability to protect. This minor investment can be the difference between items coming back down the supply chain because of damage, and being sold. Packaging can also protect from harsh climatic conditions which can include a drop in temperature, excessive heat and even high humidity.

Product packing solutions also means assembly of displays. Next time you are walking through a store, these are often the displays in an aisle, or on an end cap. Many are made of cardboard, and feature a variety of products.

While they often come to the retailer assembled, they were probably put together by a third party logistic provider. The outsourced provider is usually in close proximity to the retail locations and has the experience to ensure there is consistency among the displays – like solid construction and assuming the correct merchandising mix is used.

Why do shoppers choose one item over another? It’s the packaging! Packaging is needed for advertisement purposes. The package identifies the product inside and immediately calls out the benefits

For example, think about your next trip to buy laundry detergent. Do you search by product name? Or by the color of the bottle? The truth is people are conditioned to associate a brand with a color or look. Product packing solutions for branding purposes are a powerful tool for selling.

Easy Storage

Its nice think your product will immediately hit the store or any retailer…but that is not always the case. You need product packaging solutions for storage and stocking purposes. This allows items to be easily stacked and protected while waiting for their spot on the shelf.

Product packing solutions are vital to protecting your product, so why not protect your company with a third party logistics provider who can help. At Clark Logistic Services, we have a number of valued added services including product packing solutions.

Want more information about packing solutions? Drop us a line. We’d love to talk about it.

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