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What Is Logistics Management? What Does That Mean?

We answer your questions about logistics management


Here’s a question we often hear as a third party logistics provider: “You’re in logistics management? You do what? What does that mean? How does that help me?”

Well, that’s more than one question, but that’s O.K.! For those of you looking into logistics management, you’ll come to learn that a third party logistics provider is really a turnkey solution to your supply chain needs.  Our expertise is here to solve any problem you are incurring, including logistic management.

Back to the matter at hand! You have questions and we have answers. Enjoy!

What is logistics management? What do we do?

Logistics management is a section of supply chain management that deals with the control and provision of resources (goods or services) to the consumer at a minimal cost.

Main areas that constitute logistics management of goods include, material handling, production, packaging, inventory, distribution and transportation. For you to have an effective and efficient logistics management system, implementation of software that assists in the integration of all functions of the internal organization and external organizations is necessary in order to achieve cost reduction and business success.

What does it mean?

I’m sure you’re asking…what does that mean? In English please?!?

On the most basic level, it means we will save you money by handling responsibilities like material handling, production, packaging, inventory, distribution and transportation. We have the staff and infrastructure in place, meaning we have the ability to do these select items more efficiently.

Our oversight and management of your supply chain will allow goods to seamlessly move between companies.

How does that help you?

Being a business owner you must be smart. Making a bad partnership can haunt you for years to come. So, if you are using logistic management…how does this help you? That is a great question, because this should be first and foremost in your mind.

By having a reliable company handle your logistic management, you will be able to concentrate on the things that made your company awesome in the first place…your product.

And when your supply chain is well cared for, you are efficient and can expect a few of the benefits below.

Good reputation – this is achieved through excellent customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Customers determine the survival of the company. The more satisfied customers there are, the more profits increase.

Business Success – with good measures and systems in place you will contribute to the overall survival and success of the company.

Risk Evasion – with the appropriate plans and strategies in place, forecasting and troubleshooting risks that would prove as a threat to the company would be realized and resolved. Therefore, the company attains and improves on profits.

If there is one thing our customers learn, it is that logistics management from a 3PL just makes sense. Not because they can recite our definition, but because it helps grow their business. Looking for help with logistics management? Receive a free, no obligation quote on our services.

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