Public Warehousing: Why Do Horror Movies Always Happen Here?

Don’t be scared! It’s Just public warehousing.

With Halloween coming, there’s one place that you want to avoid — a warehouse. If you’ve seen enough horror movies, you know that they’re the perfect hiding place for monsters, creeps and baddies. Bad guys like dark, empty places like warehouses, right?

We’ve never been in a villain in a horror movie, but we know the public warehousing business. And we can assure you that our warehouse has never been the subject of one. In fact, if a horror director visited our warehouse, he’d be very disappointed at what he saw. Here are some facts that set the record straight and defend the warehousing industry.

Myth: Warehouses Are Big and Open

It’s very true that an efficient warehouse is frequently a large one, but it shouldn’t be a big empty space. Instead, a well-designed and efficient warehouse is divided up and organized. That way, inventory can be easily found, moved and shipped out. Plus, if a warehouse is full, there aren’t many good hiding places for monsters.

Myth: Warehouses Are Dark

Some warehouses probably are dark. If you own one, you may have a gigantic power bill to pay. When you use our public warehousing, you’re not paying the power bill. We are, and we keep our warehouses well lit. We also manage the interior temperature so that workers can be productive at all times of the year. That’s the value of a public warehouse — someone else takes care of providing and managing the space so that all that you have to worry about is reserving space for your shipments.

Myth: Warehouses Are Empty

As the camera pans through warehouses in horror movies, you see broad swaths of shelves, filled with boxes, and two people — the villain and the soon-to-be victim. If a camera panned through our public warehousing location, it’d see people flitting about to-and-fro, forklifts moving goods and trucks coming all day to drop off and pick up new shipments and deliveries.

Myth: Warehouses Are in Quiet, Secluded Areas

If empty, dark, warehouses aren’t scary enough, the movies frequently locate them at the end of long, dark roads in the middle of nowhere. Some warehouses might be, but ours is centrally located right in the middle of the City of St. Louis.

Myth: Warehouses Have (Essentially) No Security

Warehouses are great for horror movies because they either don’t have security or, if they do, it’s a single easily-overpowered security guard. Again, that won’t happen in Clark’s public warehousing. Our warehouses are safe and secure with multiple levels of protection. They might not be a good place to hide out when you’re an axe-wielding murderer, but they’re a great place for accepting and shipping your deliveries.

Clark Logistic Services Public Warehousing

Our public warehousing might not be in a horror movie, but you’ll be shocked if you come and visit. You’ll be shocked at how efficient it can make your supply chain and how affordable its services can be. Just don’t open the closet in the back…

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