Why Public Warehousing In St. Louis?

Public Warehousing in St. Louis has many benefits…now which one to choose!

There’s a reason that St. Louis is one of the country’s leading warehouse markets. We offer a unique mixture of location, cost and business climate benefits that other markets can’t touch. If your company isn’t doing public warehousing in St. Louis, here are some of the unique attributes that it’s missing out on:

-St. Louis enjoys an extremely central location for serving the entire Continental United States. Being approximately one day’s drive east of the true center of the country puts St. Louis even closer to the dense population markets of the Northeastern United States and to the rapidly growing economies in the South. Furthermore, St. Louis enjoys excellent air and rail connections as well as a port on the Mississippi River. St. Louis’ Lambert Field airport just added an additional runway to support more air cargo traffic.

-The St. Louis warehousing market is broad and diverse. With over 250 million square feet of space, it already serves major corporations of all types as well as smaller companies. Whether you need a large dedicated facility or flexible public warehousing in St. Louis, there’s space ready for you to occupy.

-St. Louis enjoys an extremely low cost of doing business. Your warehousing in St. Louis can benefit from the lowest business cost out of the country’s top 200 largest metropolitan areas. It’s also the seventh most cost competitive community with a population over 2 million, based on a report authored by Big Four accounting firm KPMG LLP in 2012.

-Both the Missouri and Illinois portions of the St. Louis metropolitan area enjoy favorable tax climates — ranked numbers 16 and 23, respectively, in terms of their business climates and tax rates. You will also be in one of the top five states for corporate income tax in the country. If your needs to beyond basic public warehousing in St. Louis, you can also benefit from a foreign tax zone that allows you to manage your exposure to both the time cost of customs as well as manage the cost of paying duty or other tariffs.

While setting full-fledged warehousing in St. Louis gives you the opportunity to leverage all of the community’s attributes, public warehousing lets you tap into its biggest logistical advantages — its location and transportation. The ability to quickly bring goods into the community and to equally quickly ship them out of the community allows you to leverage the flexible nature of public warehousing to handle rapidly changing demand for your company’s products.

Clark Logistic Services has access to many different types and sizes of public warehousing in St. Louis. Our sites feature excellent road and rail access as well as fitting into our comprehensive network of 3PL services.Contact us to learn more about how we can help you leverage St. Louis’ many advantages to help your company manage its stock more efficiently and create better results while also enjoying lower costs.

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