How to choose Public Warehousing from a Midwest Third Party Logistics Provider

With seasonal demand, public warehousing is critical to supply chain success


For most retailers, the next few months are the most important of the year. A majority of their yearly sales will come over this period. But with all of this increased demand, where do they store the merchandise? The answer, public warehousing.

If there is one thing clients sell short, it is public warehousing. Yes, it is adjustable space – contracting and expanding with a customer’s needs – but it is also so much more.

By choosing a Midwest third party logistics provider, there are also other services involved like inventory management, physical inventory counts and shipping functionality.

Before you decide on a public warehousing, consider a few things that could affect your decision.

Do they have the right technology? – While it seems everyone in the 3PL business should be sophisticated, that is far from the truth. Many providers have a varying level of technology. Make sure to ask your potential warehousing partner what technology they employ to get the job done. In large part, you can do your due diligence from their response.

Can they adjust on short notice? – We all try to plan, but things don’t always go accordingly. You need a partner, someone who has the ability to account for the unknowns. Really, this comes down to flexibility. Your public warehousing provider needs to be able to act on short notice. Be sure to ask your potential 3PL partner for a few examples of times they have excelled when in a tight spot for a client.

I’m growing, can they expand with me? – Growth is not a bad thing, but do proceed with caution. Make sure your public warehousing provider can keep up with you. Do they have the space? Can they get the space if you need it?

Is their warehouse in the right place for me? – In some cases, location matters. You may want your public warehousing to be near your own warehousing or retail location. Or just near your headquarters. Keep this in-mind. Geography may not be as important today, but it may be important to you.

If there is one suggestion we can give you for selecting a public warehousing solution, it is to look for a long-term partner. You may only be planning short-term, but you will be amazed at the ease and cost savings a third party logistics provider can offer.

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