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Glossary of Transportation Logistics Terms

“Talk the talk” of transportation logistics

At some point in the course of running your business, you have run across a need for transportation logistics. You may have needed tracking technology, staffing or equipment, all of which are often too expensive for you to invest in on your own. Logistics can be complicated and it pays to have experts to assist you in your efforts.

There is no way you can effectively communicate with a logistics company, unless you “speak the language” just a bit. To most, words like “skatewheel conveyor” or “dunnage” sound like something out of a science fiction film. Why is this? Well, these types of words are not part of your everyday lexicon. Understanding some of these unique terms is a key to understanding the services available to you, and how you will benefit.

Speaking the Language of Transportation Logistics

Eventually, you will run into the need for assistance with transportation logistics. Some of the services the company provides are listed below:

  • Public warehousing
  • Contract warehousing
  • Transportation Management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Crossdock/Transloading
  • Value Added Services, such as assembling displays, knitting, labeling and much more

As you can see from this list of services provided by a transportation logistics company many may seem foreign to you. If the services seem somewhat exotic and vague, the terminology used when providing these services will probably sound the same.

Hire Experts

While it may do you some good to have a general understanding of the terms used in the industry, there is no way you can fully comprehend the bulk of terms used in transportation logistics. Fortunately, there is help!

You may not know a “bill-of-lading” from a “manifest” or a “contract warehouse” from a “distribution center”, but you can count on a transportation logistics firm to take care of these concerns for you. At Clark Logistic Services, we know that educating you on the services you need is paramount. While you may not understand a particular word, you do understand a particular need for your company.

If you still have questions about any of the lingo, check out the Clark Logistic Services industry glossary. This will help you bone up on some of the terms commonly used around 3PL’s and the logistics industry. Just click the below button!


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