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Value Added Logistics: What Is Display Advertising?

3PL’s offer value added logistics for display advertising

Did you know? More than 1 in 6 purchases are made when a display with a brand is present in-store. Ok, maybe you didn’t know that stat…but you know the power of branding and its impact on purchasing decisions. That’s why value added logistics and display advertising is so important.

Obviously, display advertising in stores sells products to consumers. From small retailers to large wholesalers, advertising displays catch the consumer’s attention and result in sales. Why is this? It goes back to attention. Looking down any aisle, there will be a multitude of colors and packaging to get your attention. A display that makes a product standout will garner consideration…while a competitor’s product may go unnoticed.

So here’s the “elephant in the room.” Why do I need my logistics company to handle my display advertising? There are three main reasons:

  • We’re experts at this! We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work, plus our team will be able to offer suggestions you may never have considered otherwise.
  • We’re cost effective. Like I said, this isn’t our first rodeo. We have our processes and staff in place to get the job done right, and within budget. We can assemble nearly any display you can conceive, or have available.
  • We have the resources for distribution. As a manufacturer, you have many retail stores within your supply chain. We can get any display in place, not matter the deadline.

Finally, having your 3PL handle your display advertising is turnkey! At Clark Logistic Services, we know advertising is an investment and want to ensure that you are seeing the highest ROI possible. That means being efficient with your time as well as ours!

From shopping mall to supermarkets, we design display advertising that helps you increase sales. As you know, display advertising works…especially for those point of purchase decision. Before moving on from this article, remember:

  • 3 in 10 Shoppers are Explorers. Meaning they enjoy looking at products that are new to them, and browsing the store in general.
  • 1 in 4 Shoppers are Time Stressed. These shoppers are in a hurry and need to make decisions quickly. They don’t have time to look through a crowded shelf…only a display that commands attention will get it.

Display advertising is one of our many value added logistics services provided by Clark Logistic Services. If you want to talk about the number of services we can do for you, just give is a call today!

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