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Fulfillment Problem? The Customer Blames the Brand Not the 3PL

Avoid fulfillment problems all together by outsourcing your logistics

You’ve heard the saying, “the customer is always right.” It’s the mantra of retailers around the world. While it’s nice to believe the customer will always be happy, it’s probably not going to be a reality. Mistakes happen and that is understandable, but there is one issue that drives customers crazy…chronic stock shortages.

So, when a customer gets mad…who’s at fault? Well, the answer could be a number of deficiencies, but the supply chain is likely a culprit.

According to a 2007 Wharton School of Business Study, one of the leading causes of customer dissatisfaction is a lack of stock. The same study also shows that customers are more likely to tell friends and family about bad experiences than good experiences, so when a customer finds a desired product out of stock, it’s probable all their Facebook friends will hear about it!

Many businesses grapple with this very problem. They question is whether to hire a logistics firm to manage their product fulfillment or to attempt it in-house. While there may be small benefits to providing your own supply chain logistics services, hiring an outside logistics firm will save time, money, and manpower in the long run.

If you ‘re with a small or mid-sized company, chances are you don’t have the money to fund your own transportation infrastructure, staff it, and update it annually. The costs of these tasks, which include maintaining a warehouse, a fleet of trucks or other service vehicles, staffing the warehouse and buying the newest technologies, among other tasks, can be astronomical. Even worse, your company’s supply chain logistics system is dependent upon your product fulfillment needs, which may change drastically throughout the year.

Since a 3PL specializes in supply chain logistics, they already have the needed infrastructure, warehouses, and staff in place. This means that establishing your product fulfillment through them will save you valuable time. They are also able to handle fulfillment fluctuations and other volatility in your product fulfillment needs more easily than you would be able to yourself.

Remember, every second that passes without your product on the shelf is a potential lost sale. Angry customers are simply a result of poor execution – leading to lost revenue today and in the future.

With the infrastructure, expert staff, and cutting edge technology already in place, a 3PL firm is the perfect provider of supply chain logistics for all of your product fulfillment needs. Don’t waste another minute, drop us a line today. We’ll talk about what Clark Logistic Services can do for you!

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